Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Canada has entered it's 150th Year since confederation in 1867. I've been looking forward to this for some time now and I'm thrilled it's finally here! I'm currently working on some special projects for this year.

One of the projects I already finished with the exception of a few details is my Canadian Costume.

This Punch Magazine portrait is my original inspiration. After finding this outfit I had to make my own, I am Canadian after all.

Here I am wearing my new Canadian Costume on new years day. I finished the outfit the day before especially so I could wear it on the first day of Canada's 150th year,

And in colour though I prefer the black and white.

A woman I met in the park wanted her dog to get a photo with me, and she sent me the photo.
I think it's a great photo.

"To one and all who ever may hear I wish them a Happy New Year!"

I will be posting more about the research and making of my Canadian Costume.


  1. It looks perfect Parker!!! I love the detail of the Canadian Maple Leaf! I think I might prefer the colour image, since the blanket itself has such a wondeful cream colour. I laughed out loud about that lady wanting a picture with her pup in it.

  2. This photo would fit perfectly in an 1850's photo album Parker. The whole outfit looks amazingly warm and elegant.