Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Acquisitions: Machines!

This week I got a couple of new machines. The first piece of machinery I got is a 1938 typewriter, from a very kind person I met at the park who thought I looked like someone that needed typewriter.

The typewriter Is a 1938 Remington Noiseless Model 10 manufactured within the british empire.

The other piece of machinery is a 1888 singer sewing machine I bought at an antiques fair. I was lucky enough to fined the manual for it online


I've been thinking I could take it to Brigade Days at Fort Langley, though it might not be appropriate for me to bring it for few reasons. First Fort Langley is 1858 and the sewing machine is 1888, which is a 30 year gap. However, the machine doesn't look entirely out of place for 1858. It is much closer than my 1917 Phaff sewing machine.

The more major thing is whether there were sewing machines in, or near the Fort. I know there were sewing machines in New Westminster and Fort Victoria by 1858. It would be a nice thing to be able to sew a shirt or something during brigade days.


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