Friday, 29 April 2016

Machine Sewing or Machine Sewing Compared With Hand Sewing

This is a book from a friends collection I photocopied with his permission and made available for others to read.
Machine Sewing, or Machine Sewing Compared With Hand Sewing, and the Suitability of Each for High Class Trade.
Published by The John Williamson Company Limited, 
This book covers the topic of the use of sewing machines in 19th century tailoring. I found this book very interesting to read. The book has some useful information on the construction of mens coats and other garments.
Machine Sewing or Machine Sewing Compared With Hand Sewing

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Acquisitions: 1900s Frock Coat

This frock coat was given to me by a very generous friend. The coat is from 1900s or 1910s its made from black wool with a napped surface. It's a near perfect fit, I also have the matching trousers, although they're two inches too short with no cloth to be letdown.