Friday, 5 February 2016

Wash Roll

Recently I've been in the mood for easy one or two day projects. These projects give me a good feeling of accomplishment after only a short bit of work, unlike some of my longer and bigger projects. My bigger projects can take weeks or months before I finish one and get that feeling of accomplishment. The police rattle from my last post is a good example of one of these one day projects. I plan on making a few more of these quick projects before I start on my next big project which is my WWI officers jacket.

My most recent project that I made last night was a British military wash roll.

Wash roll tied up.

These wash rolls were used by the British military from the victorian period to after the second world war. I made this one for WWI. Soldiers used the wash roll for storing a sorts of things, tooth brush, utensils, shaving kit, and much more.

Open wash roll and contents.
 Note: Not all of the items in the wash roll are period correct. 

Empty wash roll.

The roll is made of a cotton canvas. I couldn't find any dimensions for the wash roll so I scaled the pattern from photos I found online. The roll I made measures 15'' in length and 8 1/2'' in width. I also made a small sewing kit/housewife to go inside the wash roll.


Sewing kit/housewife.

For my next one or two day project I'm thinking of making some more detachable collars or possibly making a PJ top to go with the the pyjama trousers from an earlier post.

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