Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Neckwear: Scarf and Ring

I just discovered a style of 19th century neckwear that I hadn't seen before. It appears to be a silk scarf or neckerchief passed through a ring. This is very similar to some neckwear of sailors of the time. I don't know the period name for this style of tie so I've been calling it a scarf or a scarf and ring.

You could achieve this style a few different ways. The way I achieve this style was simply to take one of my existing silk cravat and thread it thorough a ring. My cravat measures 40'' by 2 1/2'' and the ring has a diameter of 3/4''. I had to fold part of the cravat in half so that it would fit under the turn down of my collar.

Close up of the scarf and ring.

I like this style very much, its nice alternative look to a cravat tied in a bow and I like the detail  the silver scarf ring adds.

I've found many photos, portraits and fashion plates. The earliest images I can find of the scarf and ring are from the 1860s, though I think the style probably started in the 50s or earlier. The style appears to have lasted through the 1880s.

Below are some of the photos, fashion plates and portraits I used as reference showing gents wearing scarves fastened by rings.

Two fashion plates from 1863.

W.S.Gilbert 1880s. I believe W.S.Gilbert favoured the scarf and ring 
as he wears it in many photos and illustrations.

Joseph Bazalgette 1880s.

This is a portrait of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) in the 1860s. 

Again the Prince of Wales in the 1860s.

Prince of Wales in the 1860s. The Prince seams to have liked this style of
scarf as he wears it in more than the three images I have shown here. 

I don't know who the person is this photo. It looks to be 1870s.

Here's another photo that looks to be 1870s.

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