Sunday, 21 February 2016

Camp Furniture

Last August I attended the Fort Langley Brigade with my own tent for the first time. I had a great time at the Brigade and I plan on going this year, so I'm going to improve my camp setup to be more comfortable. The four main items I would like to add to my camp are a table, cot, chair with a back and a canvas canopy to keep the sun off.

I've already made the table, so next I will make the canopy and the poles to hold it up. Here are photos of the table and some of my other camp furniture.

I made two movable shelves for underneath the table.

Here's my camp stool and box that I used at last brigade. I made the stool two years ago with my grandfather and I built the box in wood shop last year.

Camp stool.

My box.

Tray inside top of box and cribbage board.

 Inside bottom of box.

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