Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Great War Uniform: part 2

Yesterday I received my Sam Browne belt and a khaki tie. I also received cloth samples for my SD (service dress) jacket today.

The Sam Browne belt consists of a waist belt, shoulder belt, whistle holder, sword frog and pistol holster. The belt fits nicely, though the shoulder belt could use an extra hole to make it a little tighter. I will wait to punch any holes until I finish my jacket, as the belt may fit differently over the jacket.

Sam Browne belt.

The tie is pretty straight forward: it's a 40" length of khaki-coloured wool braid. This style of tie was used in both world wars.

Khaki tie.

The cloth samples I got are from a British company called Hainsworth. Hainsworth is the only company I could find that makes the correct cloth for WWI uniforms. Officers jackets were most often made of khaki whipcord or khaki barathea. I will make my jacket out of khaki whipcord as it seems to be the most common in the original I've seen.

Left to right: khaki barathea, khaki whipcord, khaki serge. All three cloths are made of wool.

Here's the start of the pattern for the SD jacket.

I was given this silver topped walking stick a month ago, and I will be using it as part of my officers equipment. Many WWI officers exchanged their swords for walking or swagger sticks as they were considered to be more practical for trench warfare.

1910s walking stick

Photo credits in this post go to Taylour Em.

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