Monday, 23 November 2015

Acquisitions: Army Medical Staff Tunic

This is a Army Medical Staff Tunic I recently purchased. I think it's 1880s or 1890s. The cuff and shoulder rank show that this tunic had belonged to a major. The tunic is stained and the lining is falling apart but I got it for a good price.

I believe this would be the same type of uniform Dr Watson would have worn when he was a military doctor, before he met Mr Holmes. Even if it's not the exact type tunic Dr Watson would have wore it's close enough for me, so I will keep it as part of my small collection of Sherlock Holmes related items.

Cuff braid

One crown on the shoulder is the rank of a major.

Shoulder rank

Here's a print of the full uniform when worn.

Update: I found news paper being used as interfacing in the cuff of the tunic, the news paper is in french and it's from Montreal. After seeing the paper I'm guessing that the tunic was made in Montreal.

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