Friday, 2 October 2015

Frock Coat: Materials

I've begun gathering the materials for making my frock coat. There are many materials that go into making a frock coat. So it may take some time to collect all of the necessary materials. I've put a lot of time in to researching the correct materials and I've had lots of help finding them.

 I'm using a light blue Shetland Tweed cloth for the coat which is a bit unusual. I have seen one original Tweed frock coat, so they did exist, but I don't think they were very common. I believe a Tweed frock coat would have been a bit of a novelty. A Tweed frock coat would probably have been more casual than one made from black or navy blue Superfine.

Update 18 Oct 2015: I've found a sours for blue Superfine so I've decided to use Superfine as it matches the original.

I've got some vintage silk velvet for the collar. I have brown polished cotton for the pockets and white polished cotton for the sleeve lining.

I still need the collar canvas, chest canvas, chest padding, sacking and the body lining.

Tweed and silk velvet.

Brown and white polished cotton.

I got this photo at an antique fair about two years ago. I think the coat in the photo is a perfect example of a frock coat.

Photo from 1870. I like the tie.

Here's another perfect example of a frock coat. I decided to use the pattern I copied from this coat, instead of the one I drafted from Devere's 1866 drafting manual.

Original mid 1850s frock coat. The coat is made from a blue Superfine. 

I love the contrast of the velvet collar.

I like the shape of the lapel.
Update: I now have the collar canvas. I still need the chest canvas, chest padding, sacking and the body lining.

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  1. Very interesting Parker! Another source you might check for this or other period clothing is under Theatre Costumes.