Saturday, 29 August 2015

Linen Waistcoat

This is a waistcoat I just finished. It's made from the left over linen twill from the trousers in my last post. The waistcoat is single breasted with a shawl collar and removable shell buttons.


The inside of the fore part

The two darts give shape to the chest.

Here I've matched the diagonal ridges on the welt pocket.

Removable shell button.

Back side of the button, the pin holds the button in place.

Finished waistcoat with matching trousers.

The waistcoat back is only one layer of fabric.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer Outfit

Here's my most recent outfit I made.  I finished it just in time to wear it at the Fort Nisqually brigade encampment a couple weeks ago. it was my first time to Fort Nisqually and the brigade was fantastic.

The frock coat is linen with shell buttons the waistcoat is wool plaid and the trousers are a linen twill. I copied the coat from an original 1850s frock in a friends collection. the trousers and waist coat were drafted using Devere's system.   

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Project List Update

I haven't been able to post lately as I've been in Ontario. While I was away, I finished everything on my summer, except the top hat.  The top hat will be a long term project as I'm trying to find the materials. Soon I might have photos of myself wearing the finished clothing.
1 linen frock coat2 pairs of linen trousers1 pair of cotton trousers1 linen waist coat3 shirts3 large carpet bags1 felt top hat
Here are some of the finished pieces.

Linen frock coat.

Linen trousers.

Carpet bag. 
I made three of these for my sister.