Friday, 17 April 2015

A great day at Time Travelers

 I had such a great day at Time Travelers last weekend. I met so many nice people, got to talked to friends and I bought some fantastic hats and vintage clothing from Second Chance Hats. Thank you so much Second Chance Hats for all the great stuff below.

Only two of the top hats are from Time Travelers the other two are from previous years, But  I thought they looked better all together in a row. all of my top hats are silk plush top hats though most people think there beaver. silk plush began replacing beaver around the 1840s. I believe this had to do with the fact that beaver was becoming harder to find because of over hunting. silk also produced a not so heavy hat with higher shine.

I got this hat at last years Time Travelers Bazaar.

repaired the sweat band and lining 
as well as the hat band on this hat.

Actually I don't remember were I got this hat.

This hat almost has completely straight sides.

This hat is in really bad shape,
I'm going to try my hand at repairing it.

This one is to small for me but it will fit my dad or sister.

Made in Toronto or Montreal.

Odd fellows cap and medallion. I like this style of cap with the stiff brim. 
It looks a lot like a military cap. Unfortunately I cant were this cap because its to fragile. 

A couple of detachable collars size 14.5 These collars just barely fit me a size 15 would probably fit a little better.

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  1. I found that St. Thomas hat intriguing - that was the 79th Lodge adopted into the Independent Order of Oddfelllow charter - here is a wiki link to more info on the oddfellows -