Thursday, 2 April 2015

Finished Inverness Cape

Here's my finished Inverness cape. I finished it a little over a month ago and only just got around to taking photos. I have to say Inverness capes are one of my favourite garments. Some time I would like to add a black binding, but for now I'm moving on to new projects.

Here's my finished Inverness.

Pockets and cape lining.

After I finished the pockets on my Inverness I learned that I should have used a gathering thread to add more fulness to the pocket. That way stuff would fit in the pocket just a little better.

I love the way the back hangs.  

I'm very pleased with this project.


The collar flipped up.

Below is some of my inspiration for this project.


  1. Congratulations! I am curious what kind of items were meant to be stored in the pocket? Thanks for showing so many great visual of the design and inspiration of your work :)

  2. I believe the pockets were meant to store gloves train tickets and what ever you need to put in a pocket.