Sunday, 8 February 2015

More walking sticks

In the last few weeks I've made two more walking sticks, as well as finished my first one.

To finish the first walking stick, I gave it a couple coats of shellac, waited for it to dry, then glued on the handle.

I made the second walking stick by turning a walnut shaft on the lathe like the first one. I then filed a twist/spiral in to the shaft. I decided to ebonize this walking stick. Ebonizing is a way to blacken wood using iron acetate. The iron acetate turns the wood black by reacting to the tannin in the wood. I gave it a couple coats of shellac. This gave me a nice glossy black. Then I added a silver cap to the top of the walking stick.

I've used a different approach to make the third walking stick. First, I cut out the the L-shaped handle and the shaft. I then drilled a hole in the top end of the shaft, and the bottom of the handle. I used epoxy to fix a threaded rod into the hole, connecting the handle and shaft together. After the epoxy set, I sanded the joint between the handle and shaft flush. I used a spoke shave and files to shape the walking stick. I then sanded it smooth. I still need to give it a coat of shellac.

All the walking sticks still need a brass ferrule fitted on to the end, but for now they're done.
I am so pleased with how these walking sticks turned out.

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