Sunday, 15 February 2015

Inverness Cape: part 4

Now that I have finished the cape of my Inverness, I'm moving on to the forepart. After testing the fit in my first post, I decided to slightly change the shape of the arm hole, this gave a little more freedom to my arm.

Here you can see how I changed the shape of the arm hole.

I constructed the button placket and the facing the same way as I did on the cape in the last post. Then I made the patch pockets and basted them in place. I also turned in the half inch seam allowance around the arm hole.

Patch pockets and basting.

Here's the turned in edge around the arm hole.

Then I top stitched around the arm hole and sewed on the pockets. I basted the two partial capes on to the back, then basted the foreparts to the cape and back at the shoulders and sides. I stitched all layers together. Next, I constructed the collar and attached it. Attaching the collar has been the trickiest part of making the Inverness so far.

All I need is buttons and button holes, then I'm done. Some time in the future I would like to add a lining and a binding around the edge.

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  1. It's inspiring to read this level of detail and planning and see the images to go with it!