Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Shirt Part 2

I found this image of a shirt from 1840-1849 online. I think the shape of this original is pretty close to the shape of the draft I'm using.

Shirt 1840-1849 (Australian Dress Register)

I found drafting the shirt pattern fairly easy and straight forward, though I did get a bit confused once or twice. I still need to draft the pleats for the front. Other than that, I'm done drafting. 

So far I've learned a lot about shirt drafting in the past month. I can't wait until I can start sewing the shirt.

Front and back drafts

Collar, cuff, and sleeve drafts

For fabric, I'm using some cotton that looked and felt like some of the shirts at Fort Langley. The white is for the pleated shirt I'm making. The white and blue stripe is for another shirt I'm making, so that I'll have more than one period shirt.

 Below are some tools I made to help in the making of garments. The first two I made in the wood shop at my school.

To make the knee board, I used the diagram in the back of the book, The Victorian Tailor.

Knee board

Point presser for pressing seams and turning out corners on collars and cuffs.

Tailors ham used for pressing curved areas of clothing

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